Happy New Year from me and my blog. 2020 – wow I truly am excited about what it will bring.

It’s always interesting as one year ends and another begins and in this case decade! The new year brings out the social media stereotypes – you can be sure you will always see each of these characters posting:

  1. The one that lists all the highs and their achievements from the past year and asks for more of the same
  2. The one that stresses how hard the year has been and asks for a better year
  3. The one that passively aggressively promises to get rid of toxic people and substances from their lives
  4. The one that writes goal upon goal that they want to achieve
  5. The one that writes a status slagging off all the above people
  6. The one that posts a ‘New Year, Same Me’ meme
  7. The one that says the new year is a man-made event, so they won’t be getting involved in resolutions, even though they have enjoyed many ‘man-made’ events that year

Where did I fall this year? I posted my top 9 most liked Instagram photos on my Insta-story and also shared on my Facebook that I was going to be leaping into the unknown in 2020 aka I have handed in my notice aka I quit my job! So, I guess I fit into character types no.1 and no.4. *Spoiler alert this blog is mainly steeped in No.4.


What can I say – I love a good goal and the person I am thrives off challenges. I am currently doing the 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge and am on Day 16. 5 days to reach the finish line – will I do it this time or will a big fat ‘complaint snake’ take me back to Day 1? You can read more about my challenge here – Could you do the Complaint Free Challenge?

As I was saying – I love a good goal and in 2019 I vowed to stop smoking. Again! And I can proudly say that I have done a full year no smoking. A year that included a festival and 2 European holidays (where I am most prone to spark up).

I also gave up coffee at the end of March, to get me ready to crew at UPW. I couldn’t face the slump that coffee brings me when I was heading into extremely long days so I quit with the intention of starting again but I never did. Save for a few Espresso Martinis – I no longer drink coffee and don’t particularly miss it. I get my fix with the odd black decaf.

I also vowed to read more books and by joining Rare Birds Book Club, I not only did this but I read books that I would not have personally chosen. Each month Rare Birds sends a book, which is written by a female author, in the post. You read it and share your thoughts in a forum. I’ve also utilised my travelling time to and from work with Audible and Podcasts. I have smashed the listening this year. What can I say? I dig books and personal development. If you have any podcast recommendations please do drop them in the comments below.


I am stepping into 2020 feeling confident that although I have resigned from my job and I have NO idea what I am going to do next – I know that the answers will come. I currently feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders rather than a shadow of fear and unknowing gloom.

2019 was my prep period to me being in the position I am right now. Since my episode with Bell’s Palsy I have taken control of my life, speaking with a Career’s Coach which led me to book sessions with a Homeopath and an EFT Therapist. I also had a powerful message from an Angel Guide and some beautiful and empowering chats with Friends before sitting down and speaking with Myself and listening to my Intuition.

How can 2020 be anything other than fantastic as I am going to be the one putting the effort in. Oh yes there will be times that I falter, and that obstacles will scatter my path and I will venture down an appealing dead end or skip alongside someone and join them on their path. BUT…I know that I will find my path again.

One of the things that I have always struggled with in life is accepting or asking for help or allowing people to give to me. This receiving muscle is getting stronger and to help me along the way January is full of people and groups that are going to help me.

  • Before I handed in my notice, I knew I would need some support so contacted a friend who I love and respect and asked if I could professionally hire her as my Life Coach. We used to be accountability buddies and I thrived during those times. I will have 12 weeks of weekly coaching with her to get me ready to launch into my next chapter.
  • I have just joined an online health and wellness group after watching a friend literally go from strength to strength in a year. I am not a huge fan of exercising but with accountability I know that I will build up some consistency. I’m hoping this will also get me to go to bed earlier as I’ve creeped up from midnight to 1am. I seem to have fallen in love with staying up and doing nothing.
  • I signed up to Gabby Bernstein’s 21 Day Manifesting Challenge. I love a 21 day challenge as it’s manageable. I want to see what magic I create knowing I have a whole group of people all over the world that are doing it too. It makes me giddy excited to see how this unfolds. Manifesting is what got me interested in the personal development and spiritual world but I never fully committed to it. Now is the time.
  • I booked my ticket to attend the Yes Group’s Goal Setting Sunday on 12th January. An all-day event of reviewing, refocusing and realigning to set goals that are personal to me. I haven’t attended an event like this before, I generally work on things like this on my own which is great but I rarely push myself when it is just me. I am so psyched for it to see what big audacious goals I leave with.


I stayed at home to ring in the New Year’s last night and was treated to about 10 firework displays from the comfort of my home. It was nice to hear the cheers and laughter and singing and love coming from the people that decided to party. I had a minor pang of loneliness but that went up with the next set of fireworks. It was my decision and I chose to stay in on my own and I had a great time. I watched a couple of films and started reading my new Christmas presents to myself.

Today I took myself for a walk in Victoria Park and it was buzzing with walkers, joggers, couples holding hands, children testing out their new bikes and scooters, cyclists, dog walkers and me – hugging a tree. Well just for 30 seconds but, yes, I forgot how good that makes me feel. I wrote about it once – Going back to some roots 🌲 

Being outside made me realise how much I actually love being outside but rarely do I get enough of it. So that’s another goal for 2020 – really appreciate nature more. So, a request to any walkers/hikers out there. If you have room for someone to join you on a day/weekend break. I’m in.

An hour ago I was trying to get out of writing my blog. I haven’t written in ages and I didn’t think I had anything to say. I pushed myself anyway and I’m pleased I did. My blog comes up for renewal each January and I was in a half mind not to renew it as I haven’t spent much time writing on it. Little did I remember that I had automatic renewal on for December – so I’m here for another year. As I have ruffled my own feathers for 2020 – I reckon you’ll start seeing more of me. Oooh is that another goal?

Thank you to everyone that has visited, read, liked and shared my blog in 2019 even though I haven’t been as present. I appreciate you all.

I would love to hear if any of you have ever quit your job with no new job to go to or what your 2020 goals are. Please feel free to share them in the comments.

Big loves to you.

Emma x