I’ve not long returned from a festival that takes place in England called Glastonbury. It’s a festival that has been running for 49 years. I always have a wonderful time but this year held onto my heart so much I had to write a spoken word poem about it. I would love to perform this at one of the open mic nights at Glastonbury 2020!

One man’s vision, turned into reality, means dreams you never thought possible turn into pure joy and memories.

Smiles etched onto faces that can’t fully comprehend what happened over the week and weekend.

The pain you go through, walking a few steps, panting and swearing, sweat, bruises and tears individually forming – all is forgotten when you reach your destination. Disembark bags, stretch and breath in the air, soaking up the atmosphere which is buzzing with anticipation of what these days will bring.

You drink in the laughter, the vibes and passion that’s emitted from all over the site as old timers, groups, friends, families and newbies unite. The art, the installations, the beauty throughout you know you’ll never experience anything anywhere on Earth on a level like this.

The areas you’ll visit the miles you walk the dances and hugs and deep heart filling talks. The love that you feel when you look at the land, where magic is real and it’s more than you planned.

You dress up, you dress down, you flutter in and all around with hippies and scousers and oldies and weirdos and celebs the lot. You’re part of the special, the fortunate few who got hold of a ticket as not many do. Lack of sleep, from late nights and heated tents make you feel old. Waking up in a puddle, gasping for water, removing layer after layer after going to bed cold.

Being yourself, dressing how you want without a care in the world. Talking openly about your bowel movements and overhearing people do the same. The stench of the long drops will never become tame. Dancing how you want, when you want and where you want with the artists, the singers, the magicians, the stages.

Wanting this world to be reality. Constantly thanking and praising Eavis and Glastonbury!

The tears that you cry when you have to pack up and carry the load back to your old home. Something inside you will stay alight. Bring on the 50th year and more special nights.

Love Emma x

Have you been to Glastonbury or another festival that makes you feel like this? If so, would love to hear about it.

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