In my last post, Back to Black, I referred to a test called the Implicit Association Test. I said that I’d do it and feedback my results. 

The IAT highlights hidden biases that we may have over certain things/people. 

I completed the test with Project Implicit – a non-profit organisation. There are a series of free tests that you can take on their website including age, weight, disability, sexuality, race – which is the one that I took. 

I was a little bit disheartened, a tad sceptical but not really surprised with the result. 


Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for European Americans over African Americans.

  • The website explains that the automatic preference may be described as “slight”, “moderate”, “strong”, or “no preference”.

A series of pictures (black and white faces) and words (good and bad) flashed up on my screen and I had to categorise them as instructed as quickly as possible. I couldn’t tell whilst doing the test how I was performing. 

After reading more on the website about what the results mean (below) I actually felt better. 

“The IAT shows biases that are not necessarily endorsed and that may even be contradictory to what one consciously believes. So, no, we would not say that such people are prejudiced. It is important to know, however, that implicit biases can predict behavior. If we want to treat people in a way that reflects our values, then it is critical to be mindful of hidden biases that may influence our actions.”

I invite you to visit the site and take a test and let me know how you get on. 

IAT Test

Emma x