It’s back!

My Mojo is back.

A few weekends ago a friend came to stay. He likes to write. I like to write. So naturally we got onto the subject of writing. He’s got such a quick witted, creative brain. His spoken word is something else. His rapping next level. I am in awe when I listen to him.

He said he only writes when the words come to him. I could totally relate. It’s what I’ve been doing a lot recently – hence not racking up as many blog posts as last year. That conversation led to me gifting him a book I bought to deal with that very issue ‘The Five Minute Writer’ by Marget Geraghty.


Clearly I wasn’t taking my own advice when I was imparting my wisdom as I had to go searching for the book that once sat on my bedside table.

Fast forward to last Thursday, My friend has started to use some of the writing prompts in the book. I was feeding off his energy. His enthusiasm. I wanted some of the buzz.

I asked him to send me Exercise 18 of the book – I was going to write for 5minutes the next morning.

That free-writing ignited some locked up creativity and over the weekend I wrote a poem. It came to me as I was questioning my lifestyle, my age – on a Saturday afternoon, in London whilst drinking a Punk IPA.

I used to write poems all the time when I was younger. My ‘Dear Diary‘. And I’m pleased to say that writing poetry still helps to ease my mind.

So here I present to you…..Thirty 7!


img_9818-e1543272095436.jpgRecently I feel like I’ve been holding back being vulnerable with my creativity. I feel it’s a lot easier to be open about my feelings as I know that whatever I’m going through someone else will be feeling the same.

With my work. My musings. It’s me. It’s raw. It’s open to the viscous critics, some that  lurk behind cartoon images and fake names on social media. 

But I signed up to this vulnerable life so to add to my anxiety – I recorded me speaking through the first verse. Gulp. Camera was off (one step at a time) I’m pleased to say – I kept my Yorkshire tones.

Happy listening.

Love Emma x

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