Yesterday (Tuesday 6th February) marks 100 years of the first women given the right to vote in the U.K.

It’s been wonderful seeing the different ways that it is being recognised and celebrated.


A few weeks ago I was asked to be part of a project to celebrate our right to vote. Of course I said yes!

The project is called 100 Voices for 100 Years.

Everyday for 100 days a 3-5min story will be uploaded to the website

You’ll be able to listen to female writers and storytellers share a personal story of something they’ve achieved.

I am featured as voice of the day today 🗣

Obviously sticking with the vulnerability theme, I share a public speaking achievement.

Check it out here – (especially if you’ve always wanted to know what a Yorkshire accent sounds like)

The project is still looking for contributors from the U.K. so if you’re interested check out their website.

We have made huge progress in the U.K. but there’s still more we can do. I’m hoping these stories will inspire others.

Emma x

If you liked this post and visited the other website to hear my story. Please feel free to like and share this post – let’s get these voices heard.