I have been asked to be a contributing author to a new online magazine, with a print version set to launch in 2018!

Because of this blog! Way to go ‘Year of Vulnerability’

Excitement. Happy dance………..ANXIETY!

For anyone that hasn’t read my blog before I’ll get you up to speed. I started the blog as a way to be more open and vulnerable (hence the name of the blog). I also wanted to do better in my business and break the curse of singledom. I quit the business and I’m still single but my love for writing came back into my life.

As I’m being vulnerable – I share my worries, fears and insecurities, of which there are a lot! Which is why when I got asked to be involved I had a mixture of feelings.

A huge part of me wanted to say No as it meant putting myself out there on somebody else’s platform, more exposure, being open to criticism. I was scared to leave the safety of my blog!

But the concept of the magazine was far too important for me to say no to.

‘Ash’ is a feminist based magazine that champions ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Reading the magazine’s values instilled excitement and inspiration in me:

  • Championing relatable women
  • Supporting female entrepreneurs
  • Empowering and inspiring females from all walks of life
  • Promoting positive role models

The values of ‘Ash’ align with my own. It had to be a yes!

The magazine launched on Monday and it is already filled with some amazing content.

Alongside an article I wrote on the imposter syndrome ‘Acts of self-sabotage: do you feel like a workplace fraud?’ there are interviews with entrepreneurs.

If you currently feel like you have no idea where your life is going, be sure to read ‘How to build a more meaningful life’

And a topic that I hope is not going to go away any time soon as it’s so important that it doesn’t get filed as old news. More discussions and a movement needs to take place on this, check out ‘Is 2017 the year of the sex pest?’

Am I still nervous when I think about contributing? Yes, but as I told the founder of Ash Magazine:

“If you’d sent me this email a month ago, my answer would have been a no disguised as a ‘maybe’ as I’ll admit I didn’t really know too much about feminism except the stereotypical image most people are fed. I then read ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxanne Gay and she sold it to me. I’m a bad feminist and there is so much I want to do/talk about and reach people who are still blind to what it is – just as I was.”

I have a voice and I’m starting to use it. I truly believe that this magazine will ignite courage into other people and set free their voices. I’m truly honoured to have been asked to write for Ash Magazine and am so looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Please do take a moment to check out the magazine – https://www.ash-magazine.com/

Emma x

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