Yes, the title of this blog post is a reference to the cult film ‘Warriors’! As what I feel like I need right now is a gang chanting this at me! 

Emma…………come out to play!”

Reminding me that I need to play! I need to bring back the fun in more aspects of my life. 

To those that know me this may come as a shock that I’m saying that I need to have more fun in my life. Gees – it bloody came as a shock to me when I became aware of it. 

It has only been the past few weeks that I’ve realised that I’m taking life far too seriously. Even my subconscious believed that I was having so much fun – I marked it the highest section when I was sat doing my wheel of life to help me with my ‘year of vulnerability’. 

I clearly was just thinking about the activities that I choose to do:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Pop up events
  • Girlie weekends away
  • Improvisation course
  • Etc…..etc…

Hence the reason I scored it an 8/10 – an absolutely valid and healthy score if looking at it face on. 

After having an anxiety attack a few weeks back it made me step back and observe how tightly strung I had got and how I was compartmentalising fun, play, life, work – instead of realising how important it is for them to intertwine. As soon as I realised this, there were of course signs EVERYWHERE! As is always the case. 

Last week I had a very powerful intuition reading by 3 people who all said that when I’m operating from my ego: I take life too seriously, I’m a perfectionist, I’m hard on myself and so much more. The reading was for 10minutes and they did not hold back. 

Then came the intuition reading for when I’m operating from my genius: I am playful, I am joyful, I am fun, things flow so well for me when I just let the fun out! That night, these 3 strangers were my Warriors.

“Emma…………come out to play!”                                                                                          

Last Sunday I joined hundreds of other people singing my heart out at Sunday Assembly. The theme this time was ‘Connection and Playfulness’. Adam Taffler was the guest speaker and I hung on every single one of his words as he talked about how important playfulness is and how it can unite us, build community and bring joy into our lives. 

He shared some practical tips on how we can be more playful, one so simple and silly that I have being trying it out. When using your Oyster card make your own ‘beeping’ sound. It was amazing how good it made me feel each time I did this. “We seem to have lost the ability to play when we’re adults” Adam said – another Warrior – calling me!

“Emma…………come out to play!”                                                                                             

Yesterday I watched a talk by thought leader ‘Don Jose Ruiz’ and I stood to attention when he said “Once you wake up, you can never go back to sleep“. 

It hit me hard! 

I had woken up and now I was carrying the weight of all the books, audios, courses, workshops, seminars, quotes on my shoulders! 

My quest to be happier, for freedom and pure love had also brought with it a lorry load of new beliefs, doubts, worries and questions – which has ironically  turned into this serious Emma, that tries to control play! 

I told my amazing friend and confidante my thoughts and she totally resonated with what I was saying. So much so we chatted for 90mins mostly on this subject. 

Opening the door to self development had made us lock ‘play’ away in a box and let ‘guilt’ take over. Feeling guilty if we aren’t hustling, if we don’t meditate, if we don’t journal, if we eat chips, if we watch TV! No more we said! It’s time to put ‘play’ back on the table and not just at regimented times. In every day life. In all situations. 

“Emma…………come out to play!”  

This morning I opened up my book to read the next chapter and do the exercises. The title of that chapter? ‘Lighten Up’


Okay, okay I get it. I’m listening. I’m coming out to play!! I much prefer myself that way!!

Emma x